Protect Yourself from Harsh Sunrays with Our Quality Side Sunshades - Shop Now!

Yuan Cheng Auto Accessories Manufacturer Co. Ltd., a China-based supplier, manufacturer, and factory, is proud to introduce our Side Sunshade for vehicles. Our Side Sunshades are designed to keep the harmful UV rays from penetrating your vehicle's interior, preventing fading and cracking of your dashboards, seats, and other interior components.

Our Side Sunshades are easy to install and remove, and fit snugly in the window of your vehicle. They are made from high-quality materials, which are durable and last long. Our Side Sunshades can be used in any weather condition, and they will not obstruct your view while driving.

Protect your vehicle's interior and your passengers from the harmful effect of the sun with our Side Sunshades. Trust Yuan Cheng Auto Accessories Manufacturer Co. Ltd. to provide you with quality and durable products. We are committed to delivering top-quality products that meet our customers' expectations. Contact us for more information and order yours today!
  • Introducing our innovative and practical Side Sunshade, perfect for protecting you and your family from the scorching heat of the sun. Compact and easy to install, our Side Sunshade is designed to fit most vehicles and provide maximum coverage for the rear side windows. Made from high-quality and durable materials, our Side Sunshade is resistant to heat, UV rays, and water. This means that you can use it all year round, without worrying about it fading or cracking due to the harsh sun or extreme weather conditions. Our Side Sunshade is also designed with safety in mind. It features a two-layer design that reduces the amount of light and heat that enters your car, making it ideal for keeping your children or pets comfortable and cool during long drives. The Side Sunshade is easy to install and remove, thanks to the suction cups on its edges, which securely attach it to the window. You can also adjust it as needed to fit your preferred level of coverage, making it perfect for back-seat passengers of different heights. In summary, if you're looking for an affordable and effective solution to keep your car cool in the sun while ensuring your family's comfort, then our Side Sunshade is the perfect option for you. Order now and experience the difference!
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